Profession exhibition 2014

The Norwegian Profession Exhibition (NO: Yrkesmessen/Opplæringsdagan) is a national exhibition held each year, touring the big cities of the country. In Central-Norway, covering the counties of Southern-Trøndelag and Northern-Trøndelag, it was held at the 28.-30. November 2014.

CraftingClimate was present at a stand near the entrance, along with, and met approx. 25 000 youths who visited the exhibition.

We had had 3 focus areas at our stand:

  1. Dialogue and discussion with the visiting youths concerning craftspeople and their role in building, environment and the future. Our main task was thus to get an overall picture on what today’s youth think of the challenges we are researching.
  2. Questionnaire concerning attitudes and opinions in regards to craftspeople and the environment. With over 600 participants, we got a lot of useful data.
  3. “The future wall” was a visual picture-representation of possible future cities, many taken from computer-games and sci-fi movies, with some already existing projects in between. In the center of our 26 pictures of future cities, we had placed a picture of a craftsperson. The purpose of this lone picture was twofold; we wanted to ask the participants where the craftsperson belongs in the future, and also, how craftspeople can/should participate in the building of the future.


We would like to thank all the participants who answered the questionnaire, and also those who gave answers on which part of the future wall they would prefer to live in and why. This gave us a lot of useful insight that we will use in our studies. Thanks also to the other stand-people of whom we made contact with, we look forward to further collaboration.

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